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Project/Object back on the road

Well it's been WAY too long since we got out and played some shows. Over two years!! We did ten USA and ten EU shows in May of 2013.... since then only the "Asheville Edition" Zappa Birthday gig, also in 2013. We've all been super busy, as you may know I do a lot of touring working for other artists. Check my site for details and info/schedules..check the TOUR page here for current dates and stay tuned as we should have some surprises over the next several months.....

This tour, we are delighted to be back out with IKE WILLIS & DENNY WALLEY, our old pals who of course go back to the Zappa 1978 tour, where they met. Denny of course started on the 1975 Zappa/Beefheart tour, and his friendship with Frank went back to their high school years. This promises to be a creative and exciting tour...!

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